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Accounts Payable Administration
We maintain trust accounts on your behalf, process payment of outstanding accounts to suppliers/creditors, release checks, maintain accounts payable subsidiary ledger, and prepare schedule of accounts payable indicating the number of days they are outstanding.
Payment Processing
We review the  computational accuracy of suppliers’ claims, after which; we can prepare payment  vouchers and  corresponding checks for payment.
Billings and Collections
We assist you in preparing your official sales invoices and official receipts following your proforma of billings and  collections.
We compile and review the source documents supporting your daily transactions, record and summarize all transactions using your prescribed or our own accounting software.
Accounts Reconciliation
We reconcile your cash, receivables, assets and payables and equity account balances and prepare the necessary adjustments to ensure accuracy of your records.
Accounts Reconstruction
In the absence of complete records, we assist you in reconstructing balance sheet accounts based on the available data or from the information we gathered.
Financial Reporting
We prepare balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and other reports necessary in your decision making, planning and other purpose.
Financial Analysis
We assist in analysing and relating the data in the financial statements, and, resulting to having a clear picture  of the solvency and profitability of your company . This exercise is vital in your planning and decision making.
Fixed Assets Management
We maintain records of your fixed assets and prepare lapsing schedule of depreciation.
Inventory Maintenance and Taking
We maintain records of merchandise inventory and assist in the periodic physical inventory.
Payroll Processing
We process payroll, compute the employees’ net pay and prepare bank advice for credit to employees’ individual accounts. We also maintain trust accounts for payroll related disbursements.
Tax Reporting
We  assist  you  in the preparation of  tax  returns  and reports   based   on  the financial data taken   from the books  of  accounts or  information provided by you.  The tax returns are filed   with the appropriate government agencies on or before due payment dates.
Staff Complement
We provide competent finance and accounting personnel directly supervised by your authorized officer on a temporary basis to perform accounting related tasks.
We  provide consultancy services to start-up and established companies on the setting up of their accounting unit,  preparation and designing of chart of accounts in their computerized books, assisting in the evaluation of the right personnel who will handle the accounting functions, and other matters relative to finance and accounting.