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Outsourcing in the Philippines

Business Process Outsourcing is regarded as one of the fastest growing service industry in the world.  The recent growth in the Philippines has been fuelled not by traditional  low-value-added call centers but more higher-end outsourcing such as legal services, webdesign, medical transcription, software development, animation, and shared services.  Though call centers form the largest part of the sector, the Philippines has begun leveraging its creative design talent pool, its large pool of lawyers , and its professionals in accounting and  finance.

The Philippines is fast  becoming a  regional and global hub for shared corporate backroom operations, especially for  financial services such as  accounting and bookkeeping, account maintenance, account payable administration, payroll management, financial reporting, tax reporting and other finance related services.

Why the Philippines is the preferred choice for finance and accounting outsourcing?

  • It ensures 40% TO 60% savings in fees
  • It has people who are proficient in English
  • It has cultural and social affinity with the US
  • It has a large number of accredited accountants in Asia
  • It has accounting professionals who are flexible in working with multiple accounting standards
  • It has a large pool of qualified graduates